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n order to provide personalized and adequate services through our website and all products, “Event Vacation” Ltd. needs technology to store and store information about their use by you. This is done with the help of so-called cookies. These are small text files that contain small amounts of information and are stored on your computer or in the memory of your web browser. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to our website you open each time you visit, helping the website recognize and store information about your user preferences (visits, clicks, activity history).

The use of the collected cookies is very limited and is related to technical purposes - improving and personalizing the functionality of our website and our products. The information collected through the use of cookies cannot be linked to a specific person. The shelf life of cookies is 5 years according to international standards NAI, which you can get acquainted with at https://www.networkadvertising.org. More detailed information about cookies and their functionality can be found at http://www.aboutcookies.org.

By visiting our website and registering to use our products, you accept the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy. However, you can control and manage cookies in different ways. However, please note that the removal or blocking of cookies may affect the use of our websites and our products by restricting or even preventing you from accessing certain of their functionality or content.

Types of cookies we use

Necessary cookies

These cookies enable the correct operation of our website and products, as they allow you to view the information in them and use their functions. 
For example, thanks to them we show you the information on our website in the right language and others 

Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to tailor the operation of our website and products to the preferences of our visitors and users in order to use their full functionality, watch videos in them and the like. This information is completely anonymous, used for very limited purposes and stored for a limited period of time.

Analytical cookies

We use analytics tools that allow us to understand how our websites are visited, whether our users work with them easily, and what interests them in their content. The information collected through these cookies is used exclusively for statistical purposes and is not intended to be used for personal identification of users. We do not receive any information about your personal data. These cookies show us which pages of our websites you have viewed, whether you have visited them via a mobile or desktop device and other anonymous data. The analytical tools are provided by Google Analytics and the information collected about your IP address is not linked to any other information stored by Google.

Precise targeting cookies

These cookies do not store personal information, but only information about how you have used our websites. 
They may be triggered by our advertising partners to show you only information that is relevant to you. For example, such are the cookies of Facebook, Google .

Cookie management

You can control and manage cookies in different ways using your browser. Note that if you delete all cookies, the preferences you have saved will also be deleted. For more information on how to change your browser settings to block or filter cookies, visit  https://www.aboutcookies.org or http://www.cookiecentral.com.

We use the following service providers and you can learn more about their privacy policies and how to opt out of their cookies by visiting their websites:

Google Analytics: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/

“Event Vacation” Ltd. may, at its discretion, change and supplement this Cookie Policy at any time. In the event of an amendment to this Policy, we will indicate the date of the change and this change will take effect for you and your data after the date of this change or from another, explicitly stated later date.


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